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PASSIONATE, ENGAGED AND FOCUSED ON YOUR SUCCESS! We leverage our collective expertise and diverse experiences to tackle challenges from every angle—developing the best solutions for our clients. Each of our team members has had a unique journey, contributing to who they are today.




Ryan Flint, SIOR, is a businessman and the President and Chief Executive Officer at HG Manor Real Estate Group, a full-service commercial real estate firm representing entrepreneurs, business owners and companies in the acquisition, disposition, and leasing of commercial real estate properties.  For more than a decade, he has brokered on some of the largest and most complex commercial real estate transactions locally, regionally, and nationally.

Also known as “The Lifestyle Broker” and considered one of the most successful and top-producing commercial real estate brokers in the industry, Ryan has formed strategic partnerships, built brokerage teams, made personal real estate investments, and has been a mentor to hundreds of real estate professionals. He is highly selective about the clients he represents – while boasting an unparalleled track record of success. Ryan looks for long-term opportunities to provide value and work alongside founders and leadership, manage their real estate, and amplify the growth of each company. As a speaker, Ryan loves to teach on real estate, leadership, mindset, entrepreneurship, personal branding, and winning in life. Ryan’s mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals and professionals to unlock their ability to lead, to navigate the dynamic world of real estate, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Committed to creating opportunities for others to succeed, Ryan serves on advisory committees for many reputable companies. Ryan resides in Utah with his beautiful family. They love traveling, attend sporting events, boating, snow skiing, and everything Utah has to offer. Ryan is passionate about helping grow his community and over the years, he has supported his hometown student athletic programs, providing opportunities to thousands of students athletes.




Natalie Jonsson is the Managing Director at HG Manor Real Estate Group, a dynamic and accomplished professional, poised to make a significant impact in the world of commercial real estate. Combining her professional experience, serving in the roles of Vice President, Director of Operations, and General Manager, Natalie brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the Ryan Flint Team table.


Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Natalie developed a deep understanding of human behavior, society, and the art of communication. Building on this foundation, she completed an MBA in Technology Management, gaining valuable insights into the intersection of business and technology.


Throughout Natalie’s career, problem-solving has been at the core of her success. As a project manager, Natalie has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to tackle complex challenges head-on, turning obstacles into opportunities. Her natural inclination for executive leadership has inspired teams to reach new heights, fostering a collaborative spirit that promotes innovation and creativity. Her presentations are known for their captivating style, supported by a keen analytical mindset that makes for well-informed decisions. Natalie has earned the trust and respect from colleagues and clients throughout her career.  Responsibility, honesty, and reliability underpin her every action.


Natalie excels in fostering team synergy, inspiring peak performance, and nurturing talent. She builds high-performing teams that consistently deliver exceptional results. Natalie will shape the real estate landscape through creative and innovative approaches. With an unwavering passion for helping others and a relentless drive for excellence, Natalie is ready to make her mark in the industry.


When not at work, Natalie can be found chauffeuring her 3 kids around to their multiple sporting events or lifting heavy weights in the gym. Natalie is a competitive USA Olympic weightlifter and most recently broke 3 Utah State records in May of 2023.




Laci Fair is the Director of Operations at HG Manor Real Estate Group, bringing a wealth of expertise in operations and finance to the company. With over 15 years of combined experience in the trucking, construction, and financial industries, Laci has cultivated a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in running a successful business.


Laci's journey in the world of operations began with her passion for logistics and HR management. Her early experience in the trucking industry allowed her to develop a keen eye for streamlining processes, optimizing efficiency, and ensuring timely delivery of goods. This foundation, coupled with her natural inclination for problem-solving, leading her to explore other industries where she could apply her skills.


Transitioning into the construction sector, Laci honed her project management abilities by overseeing complex construction projects. This experience not only sharpened her organizational skills but also enhanced her ability to coordinate multiple tasks simultaneously, ensuring projects were completed within budget and on schedule.


Recognizing the importance of financial acumen in the business world, Laci decided to further expand her skill set by delving into the financial industry. She immersed herself in the world of finance, gaining valuable insights into budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis. This knowledge has proven invaluable in her role as the Director of Operations, as she is able to effectively manage budgets, identify cost-saving opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.


Laci holds a bachelor's degree in business, with a major in Human Resource Management. This educational background has provided her with a comprehensive understanding of the importance of human capital in driving organizational success. Leveraging her knowledge of HR, she has implemented effective recruitment strategies, fostered a positive work culture, and developed employee training programs to ensure a skilled and motivated workforce.


Outside of her professional pursuits, Laci finds joy and balance in her personal life. She has been happily married for 17 years and is the proud mother of a teenage daughter. Her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is evident through her love for various physical activities.

Whether it's practicing yoga to find inner peace, paddleboarding to connect with nature, snowboarding to embrace the thrill of the slopes, camping to unwind in the great outdoors, strength training to maintain physical fitness, or hiking to explore new trails.

"These guys KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. I would put my fate in there hands any day of the week!"
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